Screens don't scroll on web 2020-12-14

For the last few weeks, I’ve noticed screen and column scrolling on the web doesn’t work when there is fit contents label. This change roughly coincided with the drag and drop roll out (which also has this issue).

Is anyone else reporting this problem?



Thanks @drted - just trying to figure out what’s going on in your screenshots.

There doesn’t seem to be a scroll bar on the Screen in either one, right? Is one just the screen and the other is with a column?

In the third screenshots, are you using the numberOfLines property of the TextInput?


Not using the number of lines, but I am using multiline = true in the text input

Here is a simplified example app. I added a single label using the default settings. The only DESIGN property I changed was to set screen scrollable = true.

These are the only blocks:

Here are the results in Live Test. Notice there is no scroll bar in the browswer window. That seems like a problem.