Screen rotation does not work properly in DandD

I have a screen with a image on it. I use portrait and landscape mode of the screen. Problem is when I rotate device the image is not aligning to landscape .
here is the link of project
Please help me how to solve this. Is it a bug?

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Can you explain more about the problem you are facing. What are you expecting and what you got would be very helpful to know what the problem is.

Remember, you are using the DnD so you should bot expect automatic sizing and positioning because as the name gives it out is is drag the component and drop it wherever you decide. You will have to decide the position of your image and its size at design time and it will keep the settings when in run time.

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Thanks for your reply.

Please open this sample in a device .It contains a cat image. When I rotate my device I want the image scaled to the width of the screen.This works automatically in the previous version.

Here images show only portrait mode width. Also when I place a control in center and when I rotate it moves to left ie. not aligned to center in landscape mode.
This works perfectly in the previous version.

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Exactly, without having to view the project. Just read my previous explanation again.

There is no auto scaling in DnD.
There is no auto alignment in DnD.

You can check with Thunkable team if such feature will be available in the future but currently it is not available.

Is there any alternate method for this. Screen looks ugly with this .