Image on rotated screen not displaying properly

I set an image to Height=100%, Width=100% and Picture Resize Mode=contain.

I also set the Screen Orientation=auto.

When I turn my iPhone to landscape, the image turns as well. But when I turn back, it sometimes displays the image correctly but sometimes moves it partially off of the screen. When this happens, the Click event no longer triggers and there’s no way to navigate away from the screen.

Are there any settings I can change to prevent this?

Here’s the project. If you tap the Next button, you’ll then see the image. If you tap the image, you’ll return to the first screen.

This is the initial screen view:

This is the expected view after rotating the device from portrait to landscape:

And this is the incorrect display I often get after rotating to landscape (the screenshot is from holding the phone in landscape orientation):

well why do i feel that your companion has glitched??

and i have faced such issues while making an game and its hard to get a solution