Screen issue keep flipping

i want my APP to stay portrait but keep switching between landscape and portrait on both Android and ios

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Choose your screen component, scroll to the bottom on the right panel, and there should be a section and drop down menu called “Screen Orientation”. You should be able to set it as portrait and it will stay that way for both iOS and Android.

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This is in Thunkable Live, right @Mikas_3D?

This is actually the intended behaviour, while testing. If you install the app on your phone(s) it should stay in the same orientation.

I have set Screen Orientation but still, after download, it rotates on both ios and Android

hi @Mikas_3D,
i experienced the same but in my case was a very slow connection and even if i hit the “Live Test” button i was always donwloading the old release not the very last!
Try to close/open thunkable on your mobile and reload the webpage

It happens in already download app

In my app i had to fix the screen as portrait, put a button for landscape and the button is only for iOs. Unfortunately not for Android.
@domhnallohanlon any news about landscaper for android? I had a check in the old posts but no luck…