App splash forces landscape devices to portrait?

I have several apps that are all fixed landscape. However when the app starts, it always flips to portrait for the splash, then rotates back to landscape.

Unfortunately, with a tablet or large screen, this can be very jarring (especially which the white splash) and also inconvenient, as for example, I have my tablet set to landscape, but Thunkable Live or any app build with Thunkable forces the devices back to portrait.

As you can imagine, it’s frustrating to have to unlock rotation, rotate it to portrait, then landscape, then lock it every time I lauch a Thunkable app.

When I’ve trying to develop an app, let-alone use it, it’s very counter-intuitive.

Please can this be fixed so there is either a toggle or;
if all screens are landscape > make app always landscape

On a side note, please can the splash statusbar and screen be made more customisable, and/ or just display it for 0.1s so it’s negligible.

Thank you.

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Yes, we need the ability to select portrait, landscape, or portrait/landscape and to lock the screen so it can’t rotate.

See this topic:


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