Changing to landscape mode

So there is this landscape feature on screens. I clicked it and nothing happened? is this an amateur mistake? if so please help me

It only works on standalone apps ( APK )

What are standalone apps? As in apps built in thunkable which have been installed via APK? So, only if you have a paid thunkable account?

Also, how come when you click that button you can’t design your screens in landscape orientation so they all fit correctly? The onscreen display in the design remains in portrait.

APK for free. AAB paid.

OK - so it doesn’t work on Thunkable Live tests?
Also any idea why we can’t orient the screen to landscape in the designer? Like, I have to design screen in portrait orientation for an app which is designed to work in landscape… huh?

@nathanburley21656 You can adjust the screen in the designer to phone/tablet portrait/landscape in the App settings panel.
Screenshot 2023-12-01 at 11.31.16 AM

As for viewing on the Thunkable Live app, you should also be able to see projects in portrait and/or landscape. I just tested a few projects and had no issues in v433 of the Thunkable Live app. Are you seeing something different?

Hey @matt_conroy
Thanks for the reply. I don’t see that in the setting screen:

That is very strange, that should be an option on all Drag and Drop projects. Could you link or DM me the project URL? Sorry for any inconvenience.

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I just started a new project to see if it was related to my project being based on something which pre-dated this feature. It’s the same in this new project too:

I see an orientation thing on the right side but that just seems to affect display rather than the design view. And, if you’re designing in portrait and displaying in landsc then nothing lines up correctly.

@matt_conroy @nathanburley21656
I don’t have it either, I never knew is a thing!, though I never had a problem with it.

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me too

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