How to set screen orientation to landscape for Design and Preview?

Hello Thunkable!

I am designing an app that will always work in landscape mode only. In the Design editor, I am able to set the screens’ orientation to landscape. However, this does not rotate the screens in neither the Design editor nor the Web Preview. This makes it very hard to design the layout.

Can someone point me to the right way to do this? One of the YouTube tutorials shows a “default orientation” option at the Settings level, however this seems to be gone from the UI now. TIA!

@manuel.orduno welcome to our community
You can edit your Screen’s orientation in app settings and set it to auto, portrait or landscape.
Could you try to change the Default App Layout into landscape?
Or screen Orientation to landscape?

Hi @ioannis ! Thanks for getting back to me. Turns out that the Default App Layout is only available with a Pro or higher subscription, and I somehow missed that in the Pricing details. Once I upgraded I was able to set the orientation that I needed.

Thanks again!


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