Device lock after screen orientation changing

I’m experiencing troubles while rotating the screen on iOs. I’m using the screen orientation block activated by a button. I must say that it works but very often the device displays half of the screen on the left side for more than 30 secs then it rotates but still hangs for more than 30 secs (sometimes never recovers). The code block is very easy 2 button driving a screen orietation each. (i tried on iphone 6 and 11 )
thank you very much

Hey @sirfrancisdrake,

We’ve made a couple of updates since you posted about this. Is this still an issue for you in your projects?

hi @domhnallohanlon,
i decided to give you all some time to update the screen orientation block. I didnt try to build the app again. I will give it another try maybe this weekend…
I will post results as soon as i will have some news

thank you!

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