Publish on iOS screen orientation lock

Now that I am testing my app on iOS testflight, I’m running into an orientation bug. Where when I tilt the phone it will move the screen in landscape orientation and I didn’t design it to support this orientation. How do I lock my app from not respond to landscape orientation? On Android publish my app does not respond to landscape so this problem is not present.

All my pages are set to Portrait
Screen Shot 2022-02-19 at 2.22.33 PM

Here you can see visual issues because it’s responding to landscape.

When i flip my phone back and my app flips back to portrait the buttons don’t respond. App has to be closed and reopen for buttons to respond. This is a show stopper bug.

Any help is appreciated.

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I recently noticed this and submitted a bug report. Would be happy to keep you posted!


@jared @domhnallohanlon
Any eta on when this will be fixed?

At the time when this gets fixed, will I need to re-publish my app and resubmit to app store?

Any news on this? Today was the first live use of my app this season and all 30 users have spent the weekend reporting this issue to me.
Really urgent this one!
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The problem on iOS stems from after you flip it back to the orientation you designed it for is messed up.

I’d also be happy with a thunkable block that locks orientation.

Any updates?

We have identified the source of the issue. We are working towards a fix now. Thanks for checking in on this @martint


Been a couple of platform updates but this issue still remains, any news?

Not yet :pensive:

I know we’re working on it. Hopefully it’ll be out soon!


Ok i am getting this issue also

One of the championships using my app has now cancelled the contract and requires refunds for all 32 users £10 each subscriptions due to the instability of the app caused by this issue. I suspect more will follow.

How soon can we expect a fix?

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wow that is really bad

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Really sorry to hear about this @martint - I’ve followed up via PM with additional info.

The fix is under development at the moment and as soon as it’s finished and tested we’ll get it released ASAP.

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hope this fix soon it really freezing the app and device

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Just to be clear, I am not overly worried about sorting the issues that result from the device rotating, I just need the Thunkable portrait lock to work.

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This issue been since February i hope it would be fixed soon since i cant update my APP’s ios version till it is fixed. unless i put a message in the APP asking people to please make sure that their device is set-to lock on portrait screen while using the APP i don’t how users will take that message they might just uninstall

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@arun @wei @cassandra @domhnallohanlon

I am genuinley very pleased that you have reached 3m Thunkers and secured the series B funding, however by contrast my project could be over this weekend as another championship with 45 subscribed users will discover that the app is unuseable with this current orietation issue.

Please can you focus all your attention on sorting this issue today as any later will not give me time to get the update rolled out and approved by Apple.

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martint i think only you an i are concern about this issue there maybe no rush for just 2 users

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You are seeing things wrong. We are all concerned but I’d rather seeing it fixed the right way than seeing it fixed the quickest way just to see it fall apart again after few more updates.

Hey all :wave:,

I just wanted to post an update on this. So, the TLDR; is that we were relying on an old package that used to work but for some reason has broken over time. Instead of trying to apply a bandaid that will probably not work in all cases, we are formulating a solution that will work for all users and operating systems. That said, it is taking longer than we had originally planned and we want to acknowledge this and thank everyone for you patience and diligence in holding us accountable for fixing this bug.

I only want to comment here and say that fixes are priority based but even though only a few have raised this issue, this is actually a high priority that is unfortunately requiring a very complex fix.

We hope to have this resolved soon and as soon as I can I will circle back around with updates on this matter.

Thank you all for your input here!

We have a fix in review at this time. There’s no promises yet, BUT that’s a sign of good things in the works!