Using landscape mode in the new UI

When using a label in the new ui with the screen set to landscape orientation, the text is stretched and does not look good. Please take a look.

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Thanks @cyberdriver, do mind sharing some quick screenshots of portrait/landscape for comparison?

Also, can you fill us in on what sort of app you’re trying to build? Does it need the ability to back and forth between screen orientations right away?


Thanks for replying. I am having another issue with the landscape mode take a look in the screen shots. Some times when I put it in landscape it does the first thing shown in the first image and some times it does what is shown in the second image. I want it to do the second image but you can see the text is stretched. I am making a barcode scanner type application. I am have trouble and glitches with barcodes in the old editor which is why I’m using the new ui. Thanks!

i thought while making landscape game in designer it will invert like that but it doesn’t

I miss it too. I build responsive web apps.

Got it - that seems confusing alright. Looks like this is on Thunkable Live - have you tried installing it on your iPhone?

For your specific use case - wondering if you really need landscape mode for barcode scanning? For me, portrait mode would feel more “natural” I think.

Even i am facing the same landscape issue in the app i am designing. Though i change screen orientation to landscape it’s still in the portrait mode. So then i should adjust pictures or text in portrait mode only and check in thunkable live as in live it’s showing in landscape mode please try to look at this problem. Here are some of the pictures for better understanding.

Thank you


results in web and phone are same always

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@cyberdriver @caminostudio @kadiyalakalyanister9

I think this is stretching/squashing was related to this issue (Issues with component placement and alignment in the new UI) which we’ve now fixed.

Can you take a look at let us know?


I don’t have this issue anymore.