Auto screen rotation in 'live test on device'

I am just exploring the possibilities of thunkable free before I decide to buy a paid version.
I use the Drag and drop version.
One basic thing is viewing the app in portrait or landscape mode.

I have searched the documentation and the forum on this.
I found one post: screen rotation but I does not give me the answer.

I made a project with only 1 screen and 1 image on it. The screen is in orientation mode auto
When I life test my screen in the thunkable app on my phone (by entering a code) the screen does not rotate.

Is this normal behaviour?
Can it only be tested in a paid version or with a published app?
How to test what it looks like when my screen is rotated?
(I use a Samsung S10E and it is on automatic rotation.)

Hi @jeroen.mulder and welcome to the community. try on a standalone app instead of a thunkable live


Thanks for your reaction.
I downloaded the app to my phone.
Rotation worked once. After closing the app and reopening it did not rotate anymore.
Restarting my phone and assuring that auto rotate was on did not help.

Moreover this is really a nuisance for designing the app. Downloading the app each time for testing makes it almost impossible.
Any other ideas?

I am presenting the same problem. There are computer models in which rotating screen works without problems, and others in which it does not work at all. This problem started recently.

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