Screen Opens Not Working In-App

So, this is odd. I didn’t see any other forum comments similar to what I am experiencing. If I missed it, please point me in the right direction.

I have two screens that load information: a guide and a gallery. I am using Ajax to load pages in the web viewer. However, when a user leaves the screen and comes back, I want it to go back to the main page. When I use the Screen Opens block and publish it to the web app, it works flawlessly. When I navigate off the gallery or guide pages and come back, it puts me back on the main page for each respective screen. However, in the iOS app I loaded via TestFlight, it does absolutely nothing. It just goes back to whatever page I was on in the screen. Am I missing something?


Anyone else experience anything like this?

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This appears to have the same result in the web app, so I’ll see what happens when I publish. I would think the URL would remain static when the app loads and a reload would just refresh the default URL. Setting it after I have navigated to a new page makes sense though…sort of.

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Check this.

I experienced a strange behaviour and reported it in this post but it seems it went unnoticed.

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@muneer good thread!

Near as I can tell, the reload on the web viewer doesn’t call the original URL but rather simply that, a refresh. So, for my problem, I have to tell it what URL I want to be loaded and then call the reload so it refreshes. It works in my TestFlight app now.

I think my issue was just poor thinking on my part. I made an assumption that was incorrect. I suppose I could put a block in to set the URL when the screen opens, but I assumed that would be redundant, as I already told the screen what the default URL should be. I guess if that changes by clicking on a hyperlink, then I need to force it back.

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