Bug : The web-viewer doesn't start the first time the screen is opened

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Since it’s holidays, I’m back on developing apps, so yesterday I found an issue which is occurring in both live & installed apps, on both Android & iOS :

Here are the blocks for my screen, and below them is what I am wanting to do :


The encrypt function POSTS a message, and then sets the web-viewer to a URL. But what happens is, everytime the screen first time opens, nothing happens. Then I have to go back, and re-open the screen to make it work. After re-opening, the screen works everytime after.

Now, there are two problems I am experiencing :

  • If I just have a Screen Opens block, the screen doesn’t do anything when opened the first time (since I do not have a Screen Starts block.)
  • So I add a Screen Starts block too, with the same code pasted from the Screen Opens block into it. Again it doesn’t work the first time, so adding the Starts block doesn’t do anything special.

The result is still the same, I have to re-open the screen by going back & re-open it to make it work. What’s the problem here?

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I noticed the same behavior in web apps when I did a detailed test of event timing Screen Start, Screen Open and Variable Change event sequence. It also changes if you use navigators.

FYI, the start an open event timing and behavior changes every few months (search the forums and you will see).

FWIW, I try to put as little code as possible in start and open events. And then make them as function calls to make the inevitable changes easier.

Happy Thunking!


Nice, would try this everytime. It will definitely reduce my blocks, as well as enhance the speed of my apps :boom:

Thanks, @drted!