Is it possible to add Onboarding to my app? [solved]

Domhnall, could you fix when screen start and when screen open because when you put start it act as open. I put one alert when screen starts but now anytime screen opens it shows alert

I just did a quick test on Android and there doesn’t seem to be a difference in how these events function. Are you also experiencing this on Android?

I can flag this with the team and when someone has time they can hopefully take a closer look.

Can you explain a little more about what you’re trying to do and why and I’ll do my best to guide you towards a successful solution.


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Try on IOS Because everytime i tried to switch between screens and come back it would show alert

Ok, at your request, I’ve downloaded and tested on iOS too. As I originally suggested, the opens and starts event seem to behave the same as one another.

Still not sure what you’re trying to do but I’m guessing it has to do with on-boarding new users.

I’m going to write a general tutorial on how to do this, as it seems like a good idea.


the easiest way is prepare 1 screen for the sample and duplicate two times and change its content.Either you can set its text when get changes by the button.

Hi @domhnallohanlon,

What he wants (I think) is the screen.starts block should only trigger when the app/screen is opened the very very first time.
Since the on-boarding slides of an app are shown to the user only one time, the screen.starts should only do this; but it’s not doing.

And the fix that he’s saying, is about the bug in the screen.starts block.

The Bug -

  • Let’s make a test-app here only. We’ll take an alert, set it’s message to "This alert should be shown only & only one time. Doesn’t matter how many times you open the app"

  • Now, add these blocks -


  • Now, what is expected by us - "This alert should be shown only & only one time. Doesn’t matter how many times you open the app"

  • What happens - the alert shows everytime the screen is started.

    What does "start" mean according to the block?

    The block is showing the alert everytime you open the app. Right?
    To understand this better, we’ll add one more screen, and on that screen add a button on screen1 & a back press-block on screen2 when it’s clicked -

    Now, you’ll notice that the popup is not showing. Because the screen1 has already been opened in the current session of app.
    Now, when you’ll exit and come again, you’ll see the popup come again.

:arrow_right: So, the after the fix, the screen.starts block should be executed once as I stated above.

Thanks! :blush:

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Yep, that’s exactly how I understood it too @kartik14, thanks!!

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So far what I experienced is OnScreenStart is only executed when you get to the screen within the app for the first time (while one single session of usage) but not when you navigate through screens and come back to the screen where OnScreenStarts is used. OnScreenOpens will execute every time to move back to the screen where it is included.

If you want to do a certain thing only once you can create a (stored on device) variable like “FirstTime” and set it to 0. Then add "if (FirstTime = 0) [do what you want to do] and set FirstTime +1 in the same block. Now the next time “FirstTime” is checked it is 1 and it will not execute the part because you told the app to execute it only if FirstTime = 0


That’s what I did till now :wink:

Thanks! :blush:

Thanks for the question @jxbclothes69gc7 - I wrote a general tutorial for adding onboarding to a project here:

Hope that helps!

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This doesn’t tally with what @jxbclothes69gc7 @kartik14 or myself are saying - can you share a screenshot of the blocks you are using that demonstrates this behaviour?

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For an example I used the a similar “ScreenStarts” and “ScreenOpens” Block but added an alert to the “ScreenStarts” block. The alert is only shown when I first open the app but not when I use the navigator to move between screens and go back. But the webviewer will reload anyways because that is included in “ScreenOpens” block as well.

Btw: a little bug seems to be that the alert is shown twice when the app is launched…

Nope, it’s not a bug.

Since you have added the code to show the alert on screen’s start as well as opens events, it will trigger both times.

If the app is launched, the screen is started. Right?
Simultaneously, the same screen is being opened too.

So, the starts block, + the opens block - are triggered.

Thanks! :blush:

The code to show the alert “Alert_Fehlender_Ort” is only added in the starts event :wink: that is what I did to show that there IS a difference between the two of them. It might be a little confusing because there is another Alert in case the device is offline but that one is not relevant in this case :wink: Refreshing the webview is added in both but the alert “Alert_Fehlender_Ort” should actually only be called once because the screen does not start twice.

thats exactly what i did before posting this question but i wanted you to fix the start screen if there is any in case for future users

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you’re very welcome.