When Screen.Opens behavior

Is Screen.Opens broken? For me, even on a sample app, it only gets triggered on first launch, and not when I return to Screen1 from Screen2.

I do see a reference to something like this in coming soon: πŸ“° Release Notes - βœ• Docs

Hi David! To my mind at least the disctintion between the events is:

When Screen1 first opens


When Screen1 subsequently starts

I’m open to correction on the second one though because the starts event might fire on the first and subsequent openings?

Hi. My understanding is that Screen.Starts should trigger when the app is first launched (once), and Screen.Opens should trigger when the app is first launched, and also each time the screen is opened, including when you go β€œback” to it from a second screen. The latter doesn’t seem to be happening, so when a screen changes some data, there is no way for the screen that one returns to to reflect that data.