Items working in live app but not when downloading IOS app - phone links, calendar links, webviewer stuck on last page

Using IOS 13.2 on iPhone

Webviewer issue:
Live app - i click a button, takes me to a webviewer screen, this screen has a home button at the top that takes me back to my main screen. no matter how many links i click on, if i go back to that webviewer it starts back at its main URL. this is nice for a user without back buttons to have some way to get back where they started.
Downloaded IOS app: webviewer never goes back to its main URL, it is always stuck at where you left it. without browser back button you have to close the app and restart it to start fresh again.

Phone number issue:
Live app - phone numbers show as links as it is set this way in the webviewer properties
Downloaded IOS app: no links for phone numbers

Calendar issue:
Same as the phone, links work in live app to create an event, but not downloaded app

Thanks @cityofgladstonevd

Can you share a screenshot of the blocks you’re using to try and do this?

Are you using http:// or https://?

Here is the block. In live app if I click NewsMenuBack which is a button i placed above webviewer6 on the news screen, it takes you back to menu screen. If i click again on the button to take me back to news screen with webviewer6, on the live app it always takes be back to the URL webviewer6 is set to. This is how i was hoping the downloaded app would behave, but it doesn’t. I am using https for my URLs.

You need to add some blocks “onScreenOpens” on the screen with the webview that will set the URL you want. Otherwise it will not change anything. It is rather a bug of the companion that it goes back to your startpoint URL at all…

best, Chris

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