[Solved] Webviewer not working on IOS

Apps with Webviewer do not run on IOS in Thunkable Live and as downloaded app. IOS 12, ipad and iphone. App hangs or starts new.
But it works on Thunkable Live Testflight 133(1)!

Hi there,

Is this with the most recent update to the Thunkable Live app from the app store?
What URL are you trying to view in the Web Viewer?

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The problem is with the latest update of Thunkable Live AND with a download app.
But with the Test version 133 of TestFlight everything is OK.
The URL is a simple Youtube address with a video. In the former (old) Thunkable Live it also worked.

I too experience this issue with webviewer on iOS only specifically when I try to view charts using Google chart service through the web viewer. @actech says this is because i am not trying to view a URL (which would work) but instead URI and that URI does not work with the web viewer on iOS devices. Are you guys aware of this and if so, is there any fix in sight?

I just tested this after downloading the most recent release of Thunkable Live from Testflight

We’ve made a couple of updates since you posted this @rollke - is this still an issue in your project?

Did you get this working with a different API in the end Jared?

With Thunkable Live (Testflight version 136) everything works now.

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I’m not sure if the URI/URL issue was fixed. I have been using quickcharts.io to display any charts that I needed! Quickcharts will take the data you send them and return a picture of a graph. I have been displaying the returned picture in a ‘picture element’ instead of using the webviewer and this has suited my needs.

It’s super simple to use.
In this example, I query my Airtable for specific user data, find those data, store them into variables. then recall the variables as part of a URL.

before anyone say anything…, I realize my variables are weird. there the Y value is actually the X value and the X values are actually Y values.

It was an initial mistake that I just caught when looking over my code.

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