Issue web viewer - ignored by the support

Hi team and Hi to all.

I have this issue:

In my app i have a web viewer Where is shown my site.

When i do the login on my site in the web viewer NO PROBLEMS BUT if I do it on Tablet iOS I have this issue:

This problem WAS NOT PRESENT BEFORE, i already have the app on iOS since 1 year and it works!!!

The old version works also on tablet IOS.

I ALSO created a new app and when I test it on tablet IOS same issue!!

Can you please Somebody help me?

The support is only rejecting me, it’s not right because the problem is not up to me.

This is frustrating.


Hi @viverealisbonao9,

Just to clarify here - since we work on chat support and community support - we’re not “rejecting” you, we’ve tried hard to reproduce this issue on our end but so far we haven’t been able to.

Just to reiterate my message to you yesterday, I’m in the process of building an MWE of your app so we can narrow down the precise cause. By way of an update, I’ve escalated this issue today and we’re in the process of getting extra resources for this.


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Thanks for your answer and sorry to have been rude. I know that you are trying but i gave you all the information, a screecast, the site, the model, the system, the data to login. I don’t really know what i have to do more. I know also that for you can frustrating but it’s the same for use. We have this problem and this impact a lot. I hope you will find the bug and the fix.
Thanks for You attention,