Back button for web viewer not working in my app

Thank you so much to the Thunkable team for all their hard work over the last week!

The buttons I use for navigating back when in web viewer are currently not responding to any clicks or inputs during testing

Anyone having the same issue? or any ideas on fixes?

Thanks again

  • James
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After further testing the button responds to:
When button-2 “clicked”

  • Web-Viewer6, call “reload”


however the call “back” function is not working

I have the same problem on Android and iOS. Forward and Back do not work correctly.

yes i notice that so i just had to go back to my old fix at this point i just want to get my updated app in the store

before last week crashing issue the back did work, tho after not working a long while.

I’m using a workaround for the time being to get the app live on the store.

See image

It may not work for everyone, but rather than a call “back” , it will now set “URL” to the original web-viewer page (before you click on any links to new webpages within the web-viewer)

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Hey @James-Squire, welcome to the Community :wave:

I’ve been able to create a sample project that reproduces this issue.

I’ll notify a member of the team and see if we can figure out what’s happening here.

Hi @domhnallohanlon :wave: Thanks!

Awesome news, thanks for getting it across!

thanks for all your hard work this last week on the forums and helping to get the fixes in place, our app is waiting for review as we speak ! :smiley:

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Thanks @James-Squire - we’re looking into this now.

Is you app published? Congrats! Have you posted about it in #MadeWithThunkable?

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I made some test, it looks that the js for call back is not working in the webviewer, because I made a call back button in my site not in the app and also it do not work when opening the site from the app and it do work if opening the site from any other browser.

it worked about 2 weeks ago and now it dont

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Is this problem going to be solved? because I am waiting for solving it to publish the App to Play store.

you have to do a work around else you will be waiting a long time

Hi, Thank you for hard working and nice product
Any news about call back in web view? We need to publish our app ASAP

Call back in web view worked two days ago, now it is no working again !!

you have to do a work around