Back button Issue in web viewer



When i open my app, and click back button then app exits. How to setup my app ( Web Viewer ) whenever and any where when i press back button it go back to the previous page.


I have the same problem, anyone could help? I only have a button to go back home screen =/


same here


Yes I am also facing this same problem for my web viewer apps. Please help me


In the current version of Thunkable X, this cannot be configured.


So at this moment how may I can update my apps? I have created my apps on then published on Google Play Console about 2-3 months ago and now I have created updates for my some of apps by app.thunkable. So why it showing this keystore/SHA or fingerprint error? Kindly answer if anyone know about this problem.

When public build there apps on beta.thunkable and faced this same problem. Solution was app.thunkable by uploading .aia file and keystore. So what will be the solution at this moment?


i am facing the same problem here >>> dose anybody find out a way around this issue ??