Screen datas not updated

Hi all,

I am almost done with my app and had already spend lot of time on it but I am facing something strange regarding the refreshing of the datas…
I have several Screens, first ones are dedicated to type datas (app variables) and the last ones are more calculation
When I change a data in the Screen 1 it is not reflecting in the calculation done in the Screen 2 …
I need to go back and forth in between the two screen to finaly have my calculation done … and after it is blocked and don’t want to change again …

Any Idea ?
thanks by advance


Are you wanting what’s on the screen to change when the variable changes? It won’t change if it isn’t the active screen. Variables are shared between screens, but events won’t trigger when the variable changes if you aren’t on the screen with the event.

Try checking the variable value when the screen opens, to make sure what’s on screen is up to date.


Hi catsariskypbi
Thanks for your answer
Actually it was a problem of syncro between my calculation.
I realize that some variables should be set in a specific order so this is fine now
thanks again for your help on this.

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