Data is not updating (labels and picture)

Hi! I have two screens in my project: “Home” and “ProductViewer”. There is a data viewer list in the home. When I click it, it sends me to the other screen and stores the rowid in a variable. When the productViewer is opened it uses the variable to obtain some data, there are some labels that show text that comes from a google sheets. This is working perfectly. Also, I have added a screen to edit the data and it works fine too. However, when I submit the edited data I see that it updates quickly in google sheets, but the view product screen still shows the old data.
It’s weird because the data viewer list immediately shows the updated data, but not on the viewproduct screen, the only way to update it is by closing the app and reopening it.

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Do you mean after the update your app goes back to “Home” screen and you see the updated values reflected in the Data Viewer List (DVL) and you select the same row to get transferred to “ProductViewer” screen but the screen shows the old data not the newly updated data?

If the above is correct, have you checked going back to “Home” screen again and select a different row then go back and select the changed row? Just to be certain that the screen is updating the labels from the sheet and not displaying old data.

Had not thought of that. However, I just tested it and the screen shows the correct values if I click other product (it is updating). Apparently the problem is with the edited products. I’d like them to update with the app running. Currently, I have to close the app and reopen it to see the changes in viewproduct. Just in case, in google sheets the changes are being made and the dvl shows them correctly, the problem happens only with viewproduct.

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Can you change the app variable name from viewproduct to something else because you have the screen name and variable name is the same. This may confuse the app.

Ok thanks. I just changed the name, but the problem continues :frowning:


Would mind sharing your project and give sample data of the Airtable or share the table in Airtable so I can test it with your data. You can send the link as PM.

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