Update text property of label or textbox

I’m trying to get either a label or textbox to display data from Google Sheets.
I’m manually updating data in Sheets, so no need to update data from the app.
The data in the DataViewerList and the label loads fine on app start, but then once I change the data in Sheets, the label.text or textbox.text will not update. I’ve tried several methods using different Get or even setting variable procedures.
Using a DataViewerList or Grid, the data updates fine in these. But unfortunately, these do not give me the formatting options I need, hence I’m using labels/tb’s.
How do I get the text property of labels or textboxs to update after the data changes without having to exit/restart the app?

Sample data in Sheets (two columns - Title and Name)
Presiding------------Pres Day
Conducting---------Bishop Brooks
Organist-------------Johnathan Summers


Screen on startup with correct values:

Screen after Sheets is updated and update button pressed: (It puts the original/startup text back in the label no matter if I set it to blank or even change it first. You can see the DataViewerList updated, but the label.text did not)

Sounds simple enough. But can’t make this work. Ideas greatly appreciated.

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Check my post in response to a similar issue

The get value block used this way still does not work. Any ETA?
The Get row object using the corresponding property updates the text box, but only once. If additional updates are made, it will not update again unless the app is restarted. This is the same using both the web preview and the Live app (android). Can this be made to work for subsequent updates to the spreadsheet?
Better yet, is there a way to link the text in a textbox to the corresponding line in the DataViewerList, since the DataViewerList seems to update each time without issue? That would seem most efficient.

Thank you once again.