Incorrect data shown when screen opens

I have a screen where the user can input text.

When I navigate from that screen to another screen and then back, it doesn’t show the updated text (which HAS updated in the Google Sheets database), but instead shows the old text (which was there before the user had updated it).

Here are the blocks:

Any idea what might be causing this and what is a fix for this?

More generally, I’m finding that when you have any sort of command that requires checking in the database for information - Thunkable only does that once while a screen is open. I.e. It will not check whether the data has been updated after some action is taken on a given screen. This wasn’t the case a few weeks back - wondering if there’s any live bugs that anyone is aware of which is causing these issues?

@tatiang - am I right in understanding that the post below implies that Thunkable only calls data from a Google Sheet the first time it is opened? If so, do you know whether this has since been fixed by Thunkable?

Hi @vishalsinghal897, this is correct. However, I want to re-iterate that this is the intended use of the block. We do not have plans to make adjustments to the behavior of that block.

Thanks @matt_conroy. Just building workarounds using in-app variables, rather than cloud ones. But you mention a ‘refresh’ button in the other post. Is there any update on when that will be released?

That was just an idea for a future possible feature–there is no timeline for this as of yet.

With features, I always suggest posting them in our Feature Requests category. The more users post about certain features, there will be a better chance that feature could end up on our Product team’s roadmap.

@matt_conroy - is there any tutorials on best practice when using databases and storing data in Thunkable? The app seems to be very temperamental, with the correct data being showed in some instances, but not in others (i.e. when I move between screens).

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