How to change a thing in one screen and make it update in all its instances

Please please for the love of god help me in this one, I’m almost crying writing this,

here is the whole problem,
so i have user profiles in my app, now i created them watching the YT videos on thunkable YT channel.

Cloud Variables - Save User Data to the Cloud in Thunkable Drag and Drop UI (

this is the video I’m talking about, now in the video the options to edit the profile are in the same screen, but I want those two to be different screens, I want one screen to be the one where profile is visible, and then a settings screen where you update it, now as per the video, we can update the username and photo but how to i get those changes in username and photo into the profile screen, I’ve been banging my head over different ideas of doing this and now I am way more confused than before.

Please help me!!

I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking but most likely the answer is to store the values in variables and then access them on another screen.

Are you looking to hire a tutor? If so, I can help.

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so what I’m asking is that I have 2 different screens, one to edit profile and other is the profile screen itself, and when I edit my profile I want it to show up on my profile screen, pro that I want a sample data to exist on profile screen.

and about storing variables and using them on other screen, been trying to do that but am not able to get by with it. basically I do not understand how to do so

You would set the variable value on the first screen and then use the variable on the second screen to display its value:

Can I get a little more information on this?

So I already tried setting a variable on profile screen and change it’s value on edit profile screen, but the thing is, it doesn’t reset the value set on the profile screen as there is already some value to it.

And it’s also about user profile image, I can change it on edit profile screen, but it doesn’t update on the profile screen

You’ll need to provide a screenshot of your blocks from both screens or better yet a link to your project.