Error on Variables after coping the Screen

I am creating an app with totally 4 screens.
screen 1 - home
screen 2 - subject 1
screen 3 - subject 2
screen 4 - Summery

Screen 2 and screen 3 has same function with different values of variables.

So I copied the screen 2 to my screens and create a new screen for screen 3 using saved that screen.

In Screen 3
First I removed unnecessary duplicated invisible components.

after that in blocks window appeared 52 errors and i replace those invisible components with currently existing invisible components. that’s ok.

Then I Simply rename all the variables for matching to screen 3 (because when i work on screen 3, those values may effect to screen 2).

The Problem is…
The screen 4 gets variable values from both screen 2 & screen 3. Unfortunately in this blocks window shows only one set of variables at a time regard to the screen 2 or screen 3.

when I change a variable name of one of both screens, screen 4 window gets that screens set of values only.
But I need values from both screens. :pensive:
There is no issue with home screen values. :slight_smile:

Please help me. I am in the last stage of my app development.
Thank you :+1:

Variables on screen 2
var sb 1

Variables on screen 3
var sb 2

Variables on screen 4

(In this screenshot there is no Variables showing of screen 2. It’s related to screen 3)

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Can you scroll down?

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Can. But only shows one set of variables at a time related to the screen 2 or screen 3.

Maybe your copied screen has the same component names of screen 2. try to rename components of screen 3.



Oh! I forgot that thing. :smiley:
i will try it