Can't work with different screens


My programming works in the first screen I’m working on, but if I add a new screen (which will have almost the same programming) none of them loads the content. Is the repetition in the programming a problem or is there some other thing going wrong? Could somebody help me with that?

Screen 1

Screen 2

Variables should only be initialized on a single screen. Do not use duplicate names (“id”) for a variable on more than one screen.

The right way to use variables is to initialize them on one screen and then refer to them (set/get values) on other screens.

I think I understand, but in this case I need to set two different variables and each of them is only supposed to generate content on each specific screen. I mean, the variable of the first screen is supposed to get information one data source and the variable on the second screen on another data source and those infos are only relevant to one screen, not for both.

Then you need to give the variables different names.

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