Issue with appa variable when duplicating a screen

Hi all,

I have just started to develop an application and I have a problem when I duplicate a screen.

My first screen works perfectly and I made sure to name my variables with an extension that will increment (ex: TotalJ1C1T1)

So, when I duplicate my screen and I modify the references on the variables to take into account the 2nd screen (TotalJ1C1T1 becomes TotalJ1C1T2), the screen works again.

And there, it becomes bizarre…

When I want to get the scores of the 1st screen, which is an app variable . and well the variable does not exist in the list.

1st screen:

2nd Screen

And the list of available variables :

In practice, it’s as if the duplication doesn’t make me a new variable but takes the exact same instance and the variables while they have the same name share the same component ID.

If any of you have a solution I’m interested, because rebuilding a screen by hand is not very good.


Yes, I’ve had this happen. I’m wary of duplicating screens. It’s been reported a couple times, for example here: Variables get duplicated when importing a Screen.

My only suggestion is to initialize ALL variables on a screen you know you’ll never duplicate. But that takes planning ahead. It’s not something you can adjust easily with an existing project.

Thank you @tatiang . Actually, that is the solution I came up with. creating an blank screen with variables init.