When Variable Changes block does not get called from other screens


i wanted to use the block “When app variable changes” then do something. This variable can change on more than one screen.
But I found out that this block is not executed when the variable changes on another screen.

Is that a bug or a wanted behaviour?

Thank you!

Hey @Kirro

I think that this block should be working fine - can you share a screenshot of the blocks that you are using to update your data please?



In Screen 1

In Screen 2

Both the increment and decrement does not work.

Best regards

This has happened to me as well. I have found it is better to use a math function.

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@Kirro did that work for you?

@Kirro I had the same problem. I added the change function to the open function so it gets called when the screen switches

If it changes on another page the open function picks it up and if it changes on this page the change function picks it up

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The change event has different behaviors with Navigators.

If you are using the navigators then the only variable that will work across screen is the cloud variable. If you are not using the navigators then all variables should work as expected.

To be in the safe side use the cloud variable which will always work across screens.