Screen burn in be careful

This can also go for thunkable classic and any app builder out there.

When designing and building an app, it takes hours and hours of work sometimes. This can be a lot of fun, and having a live preview in front of you is great. But take great caution!!

I currently have a samsung s8 with an amoled screen (goes for oled screens too)

When using fantastic features like bottom tab navigator or the liking, you will experience screen burn in after a few hours. Now if this happens the first few times it should disappear, but take this as a warning. As soon as you see this, work on a project for 15-30 minutes at a time, then give your screen a break by either shutting it off or change the colours or going into a different app.

Screen burn in will not break your phone, but ruin your experience with it. You can see an example of screen burn in here. So please take caution. Let users in the community know to be careful, and if its not a big ask for thunkable developers, maybe in the editor leave a warning note in the top right when using this component and ones alike.

I have screen burn in on my phone now, and it does not look pretty.

Take care.