❤ Saying Thanks in the Community!

So, you’ve taken the time to carefully craft a new topic title and filled it with details about the current question that’s on your mind.

Suddenly, out of seven billion people on the planet, one of them has taken a few moments out of their day to respond to you.

How should you react?

:heart: Like, totally!

The easiest way to show your appreciation is by simply clicking the “like” button to show you like what you’re hearing. Perhaps someone has pointed you to another topic, a video or a doc that helps get you a bit closer to an answer, click that like button!


:white_check_mark: Check please!

Sometimes people know the exact answer you are looking for and sometimes they might even go so far as to create an example just for you that completely solves your problem. In that case, click the little checkbox and mark their answer as “solved”


To do this, click on the . . . and then choose “Solution”