Social app reactions count on each post by a user

I want a current user’s post to get likes, dislikes count whenever the LIKES Button are clicked identified with userid variable in the database.
Thanks in advance guys

click here-Thunkable (DnD UI)

Stop doing this,stay away if you don’t have anything helpful to contributing to a post,than showing off or posting nonsense… you are doing this for the second time now. you can be better


I just sent code&design. you could copy the same code. the link the link in the webviewer. the airtable base, click “use this data”
4.once it’s open, click automations,

There’s nothing to copy there

this is airtable.
the code see.

Am not talking about airtable automation with other social media apps,I sure know how to get those done with zappier.

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Am asking how to do that correctly within a app I can make with thunkable

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