How can i show number of clicks entered?

I want to make an app whereby i can see total numbers of rows record entered in airtable and display it thunkable app???
Or if I can show total number of clicks entered, update it when anorher click is made…also update it in the cloud and display it in the app

Please somebody respond?

Hi @tee829970uo

Here’s a guide to getting started with incermenters:

ood day
Have been stuck with an app that am working on at the moment… I want to make users to be able react to Posts made in the app,such as LIKES and comment…
But am having issues with adding it to the Cloud and adding each clicks from its users together and also displaying it in the app.
Whenever a user makes a click… It adds to the existing amounts of clicks and Displays it…

Can you share a screenshot of the blocks that you are using at the moment @tee829970uo?


I want the increments to be stored in a variable, then call Airtable to get the increments made from the variable and then add “do something function” to display the value get from the airtable in the app.
But the increments will be make by all users of the app.
Hope you understand

Hi thunkers,
I’ve worked it out,now I can make reactions on each post, update it in the Airtable and ask a specific Label to get it value from the Row in airtable …am using the Update Row number block.

But if I make#2 likes on post A,and then make make a like on post B_it adds the total value together and then Shows #3 on post B.
I want to have separate value of likes on each post as it been made on them.
Thanks for your response so far

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So no one is willing to help me resolve my troubles with the app

Can anyone help with this?

Anyone help solving this

What have you tried?

Am having a similar issue