How to make a click count appear on its row

Am working on a app,with a custom dataview list.Where it user can can like the post and make comments. App link to the Airtable spreadsheet.
Which consists of images,labels and buttons.
So I’ve been able to make clicks count​:joy::grin:.but whenever i make clicks on the first post,and want clicks to show only on row-id selected.
The total continues on second post when I click on it

For example if I make a single click on post 1/and I try to make another like click on post 2 it then shows 2

It’s because you are using the same Likemade (or is it Like_maker?) variable for everything @tee829970uo


So what’s the way out,please

Help resolve this… I need to submit this soonest

What do I need to do…please

Why are you avoiding my questions,i thought this community is simply to share ideas and help out thunkers when they request for help.
It’s really frustrating to be sincere