RTSP or IP streaming of surveillance camera

Do anyone have a solution to stream surveillance camera from UniFi video either by RTSP Link or direct IP adress???
When I use direct link in Webviewer I get the Error message Unsupported Browser.

@funhall - did you try using the video component to stream this video?

I’m not sure if it will work, but just thought I’d suggest it as a possible alterantive.

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Unfortunately the video component doesn’t work with many IP cameras as they run only with Flash Player, which even Google Chrome is slowly phasing out this year.

I had seen a video on YouTube before where a guy used WireShark to capture the stream url, though this is difficult to understand as not all IP Cameras follow the same structure, and again I believe this will still not work without Flash.

If you want an app for your IP Cameras, check out CampHiPro. It’s free and works great. iOS & Android.