Rich text in Labels - new feature of "long text field" in Airtable

Hi all,

I discovered a new feature in Airtable: you can turn on the flag “rich text” in the field type “long text field”. That means, you can format the text in a “long text field” in airtable with bold, italic, hyperlink and more… it would be nice, if this could be possible with labels in thunkX too. The easiest way would be to take the content of a formated field from airtable and insert it into a label.



i just try that it does not work i am not seeing any text i Bold , Bold just ** would be nice if rich text can be added would not have to use labels for long text or in my case html file.

I have been working alot on Airtable including the auto sorting. The rich Text feature would be very good on Thunkable label. Certainly would like to have them instead of lining up different labels just to make words in the sentence bold…etc.

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Cool! Btw, just a tip, you can use \n in Airtable and it will create newlines when in Thunkable. Very handy for storing articles.


i found out how to get bold text just need to change colors now

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Hi @mythi, yes I know. But if the developers at Thunkable would implement the richt text features in labels (and other text fields) we may have automatic linebreaks. This is handy when switching between landscape and portrait and the label fits to different sizes.

@Mikas_3D: the rich text is not implemented, I just said that it could be a nice feature in Thunkable.

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actually the way around i found did not work well on android it looks like messy but it show up on ios if you use text art

I also found out today that you can turn on the flag “rich text” and it looks awesome in Airtable. I was so excited that I could read it as such using Thunkable. Unfortunately it gets some \** os something similar… I came to the community to see if people found any solution. I see that is currently not possible.

It would be nice to have such a feature implemented in Thunkable. I am developing an application for my students and it involves a lot of text, so it is being a pain in the ass to write the code so that it looks beautiful.

Therefore, it would be nice to be able to read the “rich text” or to be able to do something such as

  • Instead of “Force: In physics, a force is any interaction that, when unopposed, will change the motion of an object.” in plain text
  • Having “\Blue\BForce:\Blue\B In physics, a force is any interaction that, when unopposed, will change the motion of an object.” so that the word “Force” is written Bold and in Blue due to \Blue and \B.

Or something similar. It is really painful to create different labels…

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Workaround on the scrFontStyler screen in the project

Hi all (@actech, @neutronic_force7),

I would love to see rich text in labels too, you can go to github and like my request: :slight_smile:

The example from actech is pretty cool, I think he converts to special unicode characters. actechs solution is superb, because you can enter special codes for formatting.

When working with airtable I found a similar solution: you can enter unicode directly in an airtable field, that way the text can have bold, italic, sans-serif, serif etc. mixed in any way. To find the special unicode characters there are generators out there (just google for “unicode bold text” or so), there are unbelievable many different fonts and styles like “Ⓣⓔⓢⓣ”.

But there are some features in rich text, that cannot be simulated with unicode, for example hyperlinks and font color. That’s why I personally prefer a similar syntax in “airtable rich text” and “thunkable label rich text”.