[resolved] Issues with my drawing app

Hey, I’m trying to make a special drawing app, i have try this so far:

i’m pretty sure something is missing (I have no idea), but again this is the first i made such an app.

Can you help me with it ?

Thank you,

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Check this out: https://youtu.be/ibwLvqov-JY


Hi, your video is great,even if some block have change,
but instead of making line my app just make dot. I can make little line but not draw.
Works well with the web preview.

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I just used these 2 events and it worked fine for me. you can do freeeform drawing with it

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Hey I have another issue with the app, it’s hard to describe so I made a video:

Drawing app issue

A video is only helpful if it has an explanation (either audio or written). I have no idea what I’m looking for or what’s not working.

I don’t know if I’m supposed to notice that the label never changes from “Label” or that the green lines aren’t connected or…???

Can you explain a little?


Yes, you right my bad.

So long story short, when I start to draw on the canvas, you can see that the buttons become pale, and when they are pale, the canvas stop “drawing” that’s why there are dots and short lines instead of a continuous line. And I don’t know why this happened.

By the way, sorry if I’m not clear enough, I’m French and English is not my main language.


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It’s very clear! Thanks for the explanation. I may not have a solution but now others who read this topic can hopefully offer advice. :slight_smile:


I up my request for the first time (and the last time) to see if I can get responses, otherwise I will let my problem die without answers

Thanks for helping me so far.

Could you share some of your code? Screenshots will do.

Hey, thanks for replying, so basically my code is split in three part:

-the drawing part.

-The secret part.

-And some gyroscope feed back.

Just asking, do you need the gyroscope part because gyroscope is always updating even if you keep your phone on the ground, that might slow down your app, not sure.


Yes, need it, this app will be use for making predictions in a magic trick, the gyroscope will be used to know how I turn the phone face up (from the front, back, left, right)

Oh and another thing, you are setting the variable psw to it’s value plus one, just change app variable psw by 1, not the problem but it is easier. Could you by chance share your project link? I can check out your code fully then, I won’t be able to edit it, thunkable rules. I will also be able to test it, helpful for me to see the problem.

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Oh ok no worries then.

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Yeah sure,


I hope it’s how you share the project

By the way, it work perfectly in the web preview but it don’t work with the Mobile preview or even in apk form.


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I think i know the problem is, and am working on a solution, you know when you reach then end of a website on a phone? It wont let you scroll more, and on android that translucent thing(i don’t know what to call it or what it’s called) comes, the same thing is happening here, it thinks the user is trying to scroll and that is why you aren’t getting complete lines as drawing, but on the web you use a cursor to scroll so it wont even give you that error.

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Ho I see, maybe I should disable the scroll option? Or something?

But even if I don’t drag my fingers around, as soon as I touch the canvas, the buttons become pale and I can’t draw

No i think i’ve come to the wrong conclusion, any thunkers willing to help? So basically the problem is, whenever you touch the stage, the screen blanks out when touched, and therefore stops you from creating a line.

Scroll was already disabled, i tried enabling to see if that solved the problem, but it didn’t. I don’t know how but somehow in the first try i managed to draw properly. I tried doing that again, but it didn’t work.

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