I need help with my drawing app

I made a drawing app in which you can choose color, change drawing size, and has touch drawing enabled. It uses canvas. It works just fine on the computer, but there is nothing appearing on the screen when I draw on a phone with Live Test. Any idea on what might have happened? I’ll post a screenshot.

This is what it looks like on the web. On the phone, there is no canvas at all. It looks like this
except that the ‘Share’ button is directly underneath the color-picker. There isn’t even a blank meant for the canvas space.

the code is lot big?

pls give project link

No, it is just a little.

then you can make another project

It doesn’t exactly work that way

The fit contents/fill container behaviors differ between iOS, android, and web. I haven’t used canvas, but it SOUNDS like the web is filling the container and the app is fitting the contents as though the canvas is empty/invisible.

I usually try to debug these issues by putting heavy (5pt) borders of all layout elements (labels, rows, columns, etc.) And see where/how they are drawn. That should a least tell you how things are being sized. (like in this example, I can see that the scrollable column has 2 borders (Green dots) , but only one resizes correctly for the Fit To contents inner column (red border).

It doesn’t fix the problem, but at least you can start to try work arounds or identify properties causing the issue.

Thanks very much. I will try putting borders on my canvas.