Drawing app no longer works

We are having problems with a painting app: it worked until two weeks ago, but now you can’t choose colors or change the size of the pen…
Does anyone know why? Was there any mayor change in the programming language?

We teach children coding and this project is part of our curriculum, it has worked for over 40 teenagers in the past few weeks… But this week the app (which has worked so far) doesn’t work for anyone… And the old drawing apps don’t work neither.

We are extremely grateful for any advice!
Project: https://x.thunkable.com/copy/42d97030f841aa3a5f779390f0594df6

Thank you very much!

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Sorry to hear that :sob: hopefully this gets sorted out soon. Bugs are so discouraging at times.


Sorry you’re experiencing an issue! We will be sure to take a look and fix this ASAP. Thanks for informing us.