No drawing possible in web app

In my app for testing drawing on canvas I found a problem, when publishing it as web app or in preview.
The app allows to draw line by touching the canvas and moving. It works properly in thunkable live and downloaded app. But as web app it is not possible to activate the pointer by touching the screen. Even testing it on a computer browser it is not possible to “touch” the canvas by mouse. Only a insert cursor is to be seen:

here the link:
The project

Try preview and you should see the problem…

Bildschirmfoto 2022-02-07 um 12.12.31

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I’m not sure what is wrong but I converted your project to DnD and added a Sprite Type to the Stage and I can draw using the computer.

Thank you muneer,
I tried your suggestion with the normal editor. Indeed it works when simply adding a sprite type to the stage. Even without using it explicitly.

I don‘t know why the version without a sprite works using the live app.

Maybe that the webapp explicitly has to know that the fingertouch/mousetouch is not an insertion, but a canvas action…

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