[Resolved] Issues with layering / z-index issues [July 2022]

You may be experiencing issues with layering / z-indexes in your published apps. Typically apps are built using the order of items in your component tree as a source of truth for what layers go over what. Typically that would be a top down approach with the top most element in your component tree being above the rest and so forth until the bottom component.

At this time, there is a bug that has reversed that order which will result in items appearing to be missing or layered incorrectly. Please be aware and stay tuned to this post for more updates.


Something has changed in the UI Rendering on Android.
With Check Boxes you cannot set the background colour.
I have a background image and would like the check box interior to be white.
So, I had to use a workaround, ie:
I put the Checkbox on top of a white label, and it worked fine!
Now the checkbox has disappeared!
In the designer it is clearly visible and placed on top of the label but on Android it is no longer visible.
It was definitely visible a few days ago, now it has gone.
I have tried editing the UI again but to no avail. Am I missing something?
Please advise and resolve urgently.
Also please add a background colour setting to the Check Box control.

ps: it would appear that this is probably related to last few Thunkable App updates? Please advise resolution ETA.

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A fix was pushed out for this issue last night.

Can you please try your apps again?


Thanks, working for me now…