[Resolved] Issues publishing to iOS - your app was not sent successfully to App Store Connect

The publishing step for IOS are well passed :slight_smile:

But I receive the message : **Oops! Your app Work Plan was not sent successfully to App Store Connect

I don’t know why !!!

Was the message you received from Apple? If so, contact Apple or post details here.

Was the message you received from Thunkable? If so, contact Thunkable or post details here.

In that email, there is a reference I’d at the bottom. Please send that to me via intercom and I’ll check it out first thing Monday!

I’m out of office at the moment until Monday.

Reference ID: df0f6f87-0b7a-428e-894a-c8bbe64d018e


I think that I have resolved the problem with recreating a appel password :




Ik cross my fingers

Best regards


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How can I see the new version just uploaded

The build number of the new version is :

How can I see this new version 8 ??




To get the new build in your App you have to delete the previous build

Are you sure you want to submit this build for review? A newer build of your app is available. To submit the newer build, delete this earlier build and resubmit…

Welcome to the App Store.



Congratulations! We’re pleased to let you know that your app, WorkPlan_Stoemper, has been approved for the App Store. Once your app has been released, it can take up to 24 hours before your app becomes available on the App Store.

Best regards,

App Store Review

The App is visible in (Belgium, Netherland ,Itally) from Apple Store


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