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BUG Duplicating content when cloning


I’ve been using the clone block to lookup individual workout sets in my Airtable DB. For each workout, there is an input for the number of reps, and the amount of weight.

If the PT has set a target number of reps/amount of weight, these inputs will return the text which appears in the correct Airtable cell.

This appears to be working fine for the reps (“Input - Amount”), but in the weight input (“Input - Effort”), the content is duplicated and when this input is edited there is some strange behaviour I can’t describe!

Link to the project is here - Thunkable

Do we have NFC feature?
I am making an app which stores personal health information of the user. In case of accident or any emergency, we can extract this information just by bringing the phone near the affected user’s phone. This would require me to read information using NFC.

NFC - Near Field Communication -

Thanks, waiting for your quick reply !

Hey @raginisherry0tjx sounds like a great idea for an app.

Unfortunately NFC isn’t available at this time, and it’s not something that were actively working on right now.

Do you know if this transfer might be possible with Bluetooth?

Have you submitted your feature request to Github?

the phone accelerometer is not working in thunkable

why is’n there a set font size option for text_input in the blocks area?

My app is based on BLE. I downloaded it on my IOS device and it works perfectly, on my android device the BLE scan doesn’t work. I don’t know what to do, someone could help me?

Now open link work with sms,tel and email. if the thunkable team develop to set a image device wallpaper action its help full for wallpaper app designers. thank you very much

@bkmshifanmiq The idea is not to post feature requests here but to post them on GitHub:


thunkable is tooooo annoying

@adambanattt6bf61g This is really not helpful. If you’re having a problem with the software, you can start a new topic and provide details and screenshots about what’s happening. But just to come and complain – with no explanation – is really unnecessary on a forum.




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