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We value your feedback! While we cannot implement every request, and sometimes bugs take longer than we’d all like to get resolved, the input we receive from our amazing community of Creators plays a key role in our product roadmap decisions and ongoing platform improvements.

In an effort to consolidate feedback and reported bugs as much as possible, we are sunsetting the “Issues” section of our Github account, and asking Creators to continue posting in the Community:

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If you have previously submitted issues and/or commented on submitted issues on our Github account, please know that our Product team has reviewed and considered these submissions and we greatly appreciate your feedback!

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Also, you can vote on your favorite issues by clicking on the reaction link in that issue and selecting a thumbs up. The reaction link is the smiley face thing which looks like the following above the description box for the issue:

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when i need to communicate from website in webview to my app to send notification show sound alert …etc
i use web string but in thunkable
i need to set clock to monitor web string text if change it will act
i think it will be great add if thunkable to [on webstring change] to monitor webstring text like appybuilder

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Thunkable cross platform X dosen’t support Iphone x super retina or notch. I think i would be great thing to add.

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Input in Hebrew in Speech Recognizer

(Apple and google already has input in Hebrew)

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AdMob ads (most important)

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It will be possible to hide buttons and all other objects

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Can you post a single post and not like 7 of them, so you wouldn’t spam the topic and won’t keep everything messy.


okay, sorry

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In X webview , id like to disable follow links ( users cant follow links when they click them )
There’a an option in classic but id like to build for iOS
Any workaround would be appreciated

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I had noticed that notifier background is always white, also the text is also white.
so when you call a notifier message, is always white, even if you change the notifier background color and text colour. please consider to offer a UPDATE
( This bug is happening after the last august update)

I am converting an app from app inventor. I had an image that I put a variable into the rotation angle parameter. Is Thunkable going to add a rotation angle?

In MIT’s App Inventor an image has a parameter called rotation angle. The values are degrees from 0 to 360. I use a clock timer and keep changing a variable that I continuously input into this rotation angle and the desired effect is that my image rotates on the screen.

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Feature Request

Shake to quit - “Shake your phone to quit a live testing session” - Requesting alternate method

Please consider implementing an alternative method to reset the Thunkable app (return to dashboad list) while testing on a phone.

Repeatedly shaking a phone can become uncomfortable and painful. Maybe offer a reset button? Or double-tapping? Anything that requires less physical force.



Hi @thunkable,

may I ask, if or how you use the github account?

Do you just avoid to assign labels etc. ? :thinking:


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Thunkable classic has brilliant feature, uploading and using own custom fonts in app.
Kindly add this feature of using user’s own fonts

also add Master Child layout system
as like website where you use one header and footer for all pages

Don’t worry about any of the stuff you show below. Just enter the title and the information asked for in the “Write” box.