Remove iOS permissions

Hi everyone!

I am developing an app that uses only the web viewer. Still, there are some iOS permissions I need to fill out, although I don’t need and don’t use them. In my case, microphone and speech recognition. I was wondering how I could remove them. Does anyone have any idea?

This is the link to my project: Thunkable


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Hi @marcus3u7 two points here:

This isn’t a case of whether or not you’re using something, it’s whether or not your app is capable of using something. These are Apple’s rules so we don’t have any say over what they require for their store.

Secondly, and more importantly, if you’re designing an app that is just a webviewer then your app won’t be approved by Apple’s review team. If you search the community for 4.2 minimum functionality requirements you’ll find lots of existing examples.

What sort of app are you hoping to publish and who are your intended users? Let us know a little more and we can help you build something that meets Apple’s requirements.



I would say that they don’t automatically get rejected. But they definitely get rejected when they look like a website inside of a webviewer. There are ways of getting an app published that are just a webviewer. Typically it’s a simple as making sure that your app looks like an app, has a splash screen to hide the losing time of the webapp, and has push notifications. That’s basically the minimal requirement.

A webapp wrapped with Thunkable