Refresh required for viewing Background Pictures?

When I upload a Background Picture for a screen or image component in Thunkable X, it doesn’t appear until I reload the browser window or at least switch to a different screen and then back again.

Also, the Background Picture Resize Mode doesn’t change the look at all within the Design tab. It’s not until I Preview it or do a Live Test that I can see the change.

Just wondering if those are the intended behaviors of the site? I keep expecting it to update automatically without a refresh or Preview.

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Thanks @tatiang - no, I don’t think that’s the intended behaviour.

I can open a bug report for this, but we’re working on a couple of bigger updates at the moment and I think this issue will “resolve itself” in the coming weeks.

Is this just an issue for your own projects or is it causing confusion among your students too?


@domhnallohanlon I haven’t started teaching with Thunkable. That’s most likely going to begin in the next week or two. And this is a minor issue but it’d be nice to have it fixed.


I wonder if one of the “bigger” updates explains why my Borders demonstration project has been remixed 23 times in the last week. :thinking:

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