Suddenly, no image or button background component

The background picture option on the button component and the picture option for images are both gone.

Is this happening to me only? Any other thunkers with this problem?

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Another note - it happens in all my projects, so it has nothing to do with an specially big project or anything. Heeeeeeeeeeeelp

Same problem for me. In the middle of filming a tutorial and I cannot add a background image to a screen or a column…

Now the background image option, is at the bottom of the properties

Same here - class can no longer upload an image

Is it something to do with the competition? Entire class unable to upload pictures they were perfectly able to do last week.

I don’t have that option. This is looking at the screen properties:

My project: Thunkable

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OK now we are getting some very random messages across whole class about variables being incorrect when they were fine last time everyone logged in. So I think there is some work or contention going on.

That is exactly the same here for an entire class of 21 students