Background Images (png or jpeg) of screens showing as blank

Hi, I have been facing this issue since the last 2 weeks images designed in Canva when applied a background images to the screens are not showing or are blank. It is also happening sometime for Icons when applied to Image components.

Images show up randomly sometimes. When the images were uploaded on Cloudinary then it shows but not will uploaded locally. What could be the issue?

Old issue… just check the forum :slight_smile:
Later edit: it doesnt apply to me anymore tho… Just checked, uploaded a new image thru assets and image appeared right away.

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I have solution.
In the left pane of design tab scroll down until you find the Files section. Maximize it. Drag a file at the purple area or click it and browse your image to upload an image.
I had tried it and it worked perfectly! :grinning: :grinning:
Hope it Helps…

This is what’s been working for me, too. And yet the upload button within the component itself gives this weird bugged behavior. Very strange.

Wow this actually worked!!! Thanks :grinning:

Actually this worked only partially. On the browser LIVE test and preview Image is seen however on Thunkable LIVE App the Image still shows as blank

You should try it later. That shouldn’t be so.