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I’m new to Thunkable and I need some help. Here’s the problem, I tried to set my screen background picture many times but it won’t appear. Whenever I tried to do the live test on my phone, the background picture still won’t appear but when I preview it on my dekstop its appear.

Hi @lia, welcome to our Community! We’re glad you’re here. When asking for assistance like this, it is always best to include as much information as you can: please try and include things like screenshots of what you might be seeing in Thunkable itself, the link to your Project URL, etc.

This is a great community and everyone here is happy to help out new Thunkers!


Matt @ Thunkable

@brianl apparently is the same issue I’m having.

This is on my dekstop preview

This is when I do the live test. The Background picture won’t appear.

There’s no way to know why that’s happening without having a link to your project or at the very least, a copy of the background image you’re using.

In my case, I was talking in private with @brianl
He has all details.

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I can confirm that on my iPhone 11 in Thunkable Live, the background picture does not show up. When previewing in Chrome browser, it does.

I’m actually finding that no PNG files appear in Thunkable Live – even ones I imported – regardless of which Picture Resize Mode I choose.

However, the same PNG files work properly as background pictures in a different Snap to Place (StP) project that I have. So there’s either a property causing the problem in your project (nothing I could find, though) or some corruption happening. Have you tried a different project to see if it’s only related to that one project?

I already did but it’s still the same.