Assets upload errors [Sep 2022]

Today I can’t upload any new assets… keystore, app icon and images… nothing works.
When try to open asset through Midia Files, it gets this error:
{“getasset”:“”,“error”:“No such asset exists for project”}

Could you please provide a screenshot or a short video recording of this so we can better understand your issue.
Thank you

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  • after some time that upload has done, the assets appears normally in thunkable;
  • event not showing in thunkable, the assets are show normally into live companion for Android only… on iOS they don’t;

Is it that 1 particular image file or all assets that this happens to?

No Jared, any image, app icon too.

Could you please let me know what device and OS version you use?


iPhone 7 - iOS 15.6.1
Xaiomi Redmi Note 11 - Android 11

But, it’s working fine on this same devices 2 days ago.

Thank you

Just to inform… this issue persists.
Any updates?

Could you please send me a link to your project through messages?
Thank you